Cairo, has always been attracting travelers, dating back over 10 centuries ago to the time of the Mamluks. However, the beautiful, hectic, crowded, surprising, enchanting (and every other cool sounding adjective) city of Cairo is still in the eyes of the Egyptians the City Victorious, known officially as al-Qahirah or simply "Masr", the name for Egypt as a whole. Cairo is one of the world's largest urban areas and offers many sites to visit

- The Pyramids and Sphinx ( one of the Seven Wonders of the World )

- The Papyrus factories & perfume factories extracted from rare flowers.

- The cotton clothing factories

- Citadel of Saladin & Mohammed Ali Mosque

- The Khan Khalili (the oldest Egyptian markets)

- Finally visit Cairo Tower for dinner

JOD 385

Ticket ( Amman - Cairo - Amman )

- Accommodation at the selected hotel for 7 nights with meals regarding to the selected hotel

- Reception and farewell from and to the airport

- Departure taxes


-The optional trips & the evening 

- Guide, driver, hotel staff and personal expenses (mini bar, telephones, ironing, etc.) baksheesh